HOW TO ENJOY ANY JOB 1.0 « Ready4Life Counseling

What’s your attitude about your job? To some, their job is a prison door that clangs shut every Monday and they’ve got to wait until next Friday when it opens again and they have the weekend free. There are other people who feel the exact opposite about their work. They think of their job not as a prison but a paradise. It’s their favorite place to be. Then there are a lot of people in the middle. It’s a mixed bag with good days and bad days; hey, it’s a job.Jesus, when He came to this earth, said, “I came to give you live and life abundantly.” I just can’t believe that the abundant life would only count on the weekends. If Jesus came to give us life abundantly, it has to be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, too. If eight hours out of everyday you’re miserable, you can’t have abundant life. And for those of you who have known me for years and you are thinking, “He’s not smart enough to think this stuff up on his own.” Let me confess right now that you are right. I am, however, smart enough to milk a lot of great minds to be able to share this with you.

HOW TO ENJOY ANY JOB 1.0 « Ready4Life Counseling

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