Children for Hire: Bid Now : The Development Dossier

In an attempt to focus attention on child labour, the Indian arm of international nonprofit Save the Children has kickstarted a provocative campaign largely centred on a microsite called site, which “auctions” off children, offers discounts on older children, and claims to be a “one stop destination for all your child labour needs” was dreamed up as part of Save the Children’s 45-day anti-child labour campaign that began April 30–Anti Child Labour Day in India– and runs until June 12–International Child Labour Day.“The biggest challenge to addressing the issue of child labour is the social and cultural acceptance that allows the scourge of child labour to continue,” says Priya Subramanian, a spokesperson for Save the Children. “We conceived of this idea to shock and provoke people into thinking about this issue.”

Children for Hire: Bid Now : The Development Dossier

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