Blue Homes – Marketing Plan

Team Members: Boryana Valchanova,Polis Xinaris,Linus Fernandes,Rohit Verma,Luo Zhanhui

Why invest with us?
●Dream house at half the price
●Good place to live after retirement
●Big chance for investors
●Luxury and economy

Quote of the day:
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

Why rent with us?
●Attractive place for tourists
●Convenient living for visiting businessmen
● Lower price than hotels
●Ambience, Comfort & Service

Market Segmentation & Targeting
●House buyer:
People who have stable income and want to own a
house in nice natural locales to live post- retirement.
Age: 40+
Profession: professionals and business class
Foreigners who want to own property in Cyprus
●House renter:
Foreign tourists
Business executive

Positioning Strategy
●Real estate
We provide retirement and investment solutions
We provide comfortable stay at an economy price.

Product Strategy
●Top-class architects on our payroll
●Latest low-cost quality materials
●Located in resort areas
●High quality maintenance & service staff

Pricing Strategy
House Buyers
●Competitive pricing
●Pre-booking of condominiums. First Come, First Served (FCFS)
●Last 6 years guarantee to cover mortgage payments.

House Renters
●Seasonal pricing substantially lower than hotel charges with competitive services.
●Special corporate pricing for business executives.

Promotion Strategy
Home Buyer
●1st phase- Creating curiosity
radio and billboards.
● 2nd phase- Creating awareness
radio, TV, and local and foreign
●3rd phase- Reminders
business magazines, newspaper and
radio ads.

House renter
●Awareness and information
●Special business and tourism magazines.
● Internet advertising
● Information brochures at local tourist offices,
airport tourist info counters, tourist maps

Reaching Potential Customers
Real Estate Development
● bank counters and ATM
● construction team
● exclusive DSA on commission
real estate agents
● Office walk-in, direct phone, seminars
● Corporate sales department
●Renting and Tourist
●Tourist agency in their respective countries
●Buy space on tourist web sites (cox & king, Thomas Cook etc) and magazines
●Tie up with tourist department of countries
●Internet selling
●tie up with local offices of transnational companies

Customer Management
●Home Buyer
2 weeks first 5 years living permission free of charge and one month after 5th year