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Mr. Fix-It Ltd.

We treat your homes like our own!

Linus Fernandes/Kalliroi Patsali/Giorgos Elia/Petros Loizou


Confidentiality Agreement

The undersigned reader agrees that the information provided in this document is confidential and any disclosure of any information contained within, intentional or otherwise, may cause serious harm or damage to Messrs Linus Fernandes, Kalliroi Patsali, Giorgos Elia and Petros Loizou.

The reader is bound not to disclose this information without the written express consent of the above listed Messrs.

Upon request, this document is to be returned to :

Linus Fernandes/Kalliroi Patsali/Giorgos Elia/Petros Loizou.




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This is a business plan. It does not imply any offerings.

Information of key contact person

Name: Linus Fernandes

E-mail: xxxxxxxxxx

Address: Cyprus International Institute of Management

21 Akademias Avenue

P.O Box 20378

2151 Aglandjia

Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: +357 22462246

Fax: +357 22331121

Mobile number:

Executive Summary

Mr. Fix-It is a maintenance service company for housing societies and individual homes. We provide plumbing, electrical & telephone, heating, air ventilation, irrigation and basic building repairs. We provide quality, timely and efficient service to our customers. Our Slogan “Cool it! Call Mr. Fix-It” says it all. Our credo “We treat your homes like our own!”.

The Opportunity

Mr. Fix-It will target this identified gap in the market by promising and delivering to our customers , a packaged maintenance service that is reliable, trustworthy and on time for a nominal subscription fee.

Main Objectives

  • To capitalize on the identified need for reliable maintenance services in the towns of Cyprus and their adjoining suburbs.

  • To launch the business at the beginning of year 2008

  • To maintain tight control of costs, operations and cash flow

Keys to Success

  • Provide exceptional service at economy rates

  • Consistency and timeliness of service

  • Strict control of all costs, at all times

  • A strong brand and image in the marketplace uniquely identifying us instantly

  • A strong green image

Company Summary

Key elements of Mr. Fix-It’s business concept:

  • Focus on housing societies and individual homes

  • Tie-up with insurance companies as preferred maintenance service provider

  • Packaged service with a nominal charge providing discounted services to our subscribers

  • A toll-free call no. to answer customers 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

  • Free survey of property with clients to identify existing problems and suggest improvements

  • A basic package for 100 Єuros per year.
  • A premium package will have the basic package plus an insurance package thrown in for 200 Єuros per year.


Mr. Fix-It will be incorporated as a private limited company with 4 principals, Linus Fernandes, Giorgos Elia, Kalliroi Patsali and Petros Loizou each holding a 25% stake in the company.

Petros Loizou is a civil engineer from City University, London and is currently a part-time MBA student at CIIM, Nicosia. He has 7-8 years work experience in the construction industry and is currently at Liordanous Construction Company as Technical Manager.

Linus Fernandes is currently a full-time MBA student at Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM) at Nicosia, Cyprus. He has 10 years of experience in the IT industry and his educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (Statistics) and a Master of Science (Computer Science) from the University of Mumbai, India.

Giorgos Elia is a mechanical engineer with specialization in automobile industrial engineering. He has 6-7 years working experience as a Technical Manager at Volvo and HVAC. He is currently a full-time MBA student at Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM), Nicosia, Cyprus.

Kalliroi Patsali has a degree in chemistry from Ioannina university of Greece and  is currently a part-time MBA student at CIIM, Nicosia. She is currently a medical representative at Lifepharma ltd of the MSJ group of companies.


All decisions are to be taken with a 75% majority i.e. With the current structure this implies that 3 of the 4 directors have to be in consensus. One GM every year, with provisions to call extraordinary general meetings , if required.

Start-Up Summary

The company is seeking a loan for start-up purposes in Nicosia, Cyprus to service housing societies, rental apartments and individuals homes in Nicosia and its surrounding suburbs. Initial Funds needed to accomplish above goal is Єuros 40.000.

Value Proposition

Our customers and clients can now rest assured that Mr. Fix-It will take care of all their maintenance and repair worries in a timely, efficient and economical manner. Mr. Fix-It will also take care of their house insurance needs and the insurance package provides them an assurance of prompt and quality service with minimum hassles. Includes a free survey of the property that will identify existing problems and expensive problems that could occur. We also provide cost-saving measures consultancy such as solar panel lights.

Mr. Fix-It provides you a clean, reliable service. The Mr. Fix-It man (or woman) is easily identifiable with his/her red overalls and black tees/shirts. The Mr. Fix-It vehicles with their red & black stripes empathize speed of delivery.

Barriers to entry

The Cypriot customer is accustomed to calling in handymen to carry out their minor repair jobs. The challenge here is to change this psychology and get them to rely on a service provider like Mr. Fix-It to provide them trustworthy service at economy prices. The other upmarket properties rely on property companies to provide this service.

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