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English: Rakesh Roshan at 1st Global Indian Film & Television Honors 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I believe that the plot of the much-hyped yet-to-be released Kites will be loosely based on the 1990-Kevin Costner, Anthony Quinn and Madeline Stowe starrer Revenge. And apparently I am not the only one to believe so.Based on the trailers and promos and a few online stories that loosely explain the plot, it seems that the master of remakes a.k.a Anurag Basu is once again doing what he does best—pick a plot from an international movie and adapt it for Bollywood. Of course, in this ‘adaptation’ Basu is not alone. The Kites story is credited to Rakesh Roshan while Basu shares the screenplay credit with Robin Bhatt and Akash Khurana.Revenge was the story of a U.S. Navy aviator (Costner) who has an affair with a mafia boss’ (Quinn) wife (Stowe). When Quinn finds out, he gets Costner beaten up and left to die in the Mexican desert and punishes his errant wife by placing her in a whorehouse. Stowe’s character gets addicted to drugs in this place. Costner seeks revenge against Quinn with the help of two men who nurse him back to health after they find him in the desert. Eventually, he finds Stowe who has been moved to a convent but she is very sick and dies in his arms.


Kites: A Revenge remake? : LiveLounge


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