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Leadership face the problems of how to manage the different resources / assets the company has in their sphere. The problem the focus group reports about deals with how to handle the human resources and information flow so the employees are informed about the current situations in the company: * Making connections. Employees working from home might feel that they don’t contribute to the business success. Therefor it is the managers duty to make connections to the tele employees and inform them by e-mail or other way about the news (development in the headquarter). Thereto the managers are in the dilemma that they might favor those workers that are placed at the office or they might favor the tele workers. The employees need to be trained in how to collaborate with tele workers so bottle necks of information doesn’t occur and work can be done more effective. * Leading and modeling. HR – policies must include a commitment to make alternative working arrangement successful. Because of the social implications of the technological impact the company should give the employees some time to consider the choice for being a tele worker. * Communicating. Managers have a tendency to only communicating about tasks to the tele workers; however the managers should focus on how to improve the communication on all levels of the organization to cope with the needs of the environment of the organization e.g., tele workers working at different times at the day and on different locations. Thereto the managers and the organization needs to introduce to the employees that digital information is “okay” to make use of; however the organizational culture is hard to change and it is hard to implement tele working from a top – down approach. * Building trust. Employees needs to build two kinds of trust. The first one is personal trust which deals with people trusting their co – workers and managers. The second one is competency trust that is build when the employees solve the problem situations together. It is the managers responsibility to make both competencies grow within the organization. * Relationship building. Relationship building is best constructed via face – to – face communication and it is the responsibilities of the manager to help the employees to construct the relationship among the project teams and since the future will lead to more virtual teams then it is up to the managers to create the face – to – face relationships. The chapter refer to that some companies have a weekly meeting with the project teams where the members of the virtual teams needs to come into the organization for coordination and socializing. Other methods such as video conferencing and tele communications such as phone calls, chat and personal websites2⁠ can also be made use of.

The Social Impact of Technology | The Coherency Press

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