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“In the final analysis, stripped of all rhetoric, school quality is heavily dependent on the quality of its teachers. Only the best quality human capital can have the motivation and sincerity to innovate and implement the aforementioned “100 1 percent” initiatives that differentiate the good performing schools from the failures. And since the quality of teachers cannot be influenced, beyond a point, by exogenous factors like trainings, rigor of monitoring, school environment etc, it is inevitable that there exist wide variations in the quality of schools themselves.”

This is what Gulzar states in his comment on an article in the NYTimes on the effectiveness of charter schools in the US.

It is an excellent read and I would just like to draw attention to the quality of education of Catholic institutions , both in India and the US and possibly all over the world. It is Catholic priests and educators who have been doing yeoman service by providing quality education for over half a century and even now when there is multiplicity of choice of schools, both in the US and In India, a Catholic education is still considered a badge of honor anywhere.And though Catholic education comes at a premium compared to public schools, it is still the no. 1 choice among discerning parents anywhere. And definitely cheaper than the newly minted private schools in urban India.

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