Unselfish Networking – Voices on Project Management

Several years ago a friend “in transition” (a euphemism for “unemployed and looking for a job”) asked me to look at his résumé.He figured there must be something wrong with it because it never helped him find a job. The only way he ever found work was by knowing somebody.I’m not surprised. It seems to me the thing to work on is not just tweaking one’s résumé, but rather getting to know more “somebodies.”The way to do that is through professional networking.I’m a very proactive networker with connections around the world, but that wasn’t always the case. In the past I found (my mistaken understanding of) networking to be distasteful. If you’d asked me what I thought of it, I would have said:1. Networking is self-serving.2. I want to make it on my own.3. It’s enough to be really good at what you do

Unselfish Networking – Voices on Project Management

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