Hating rickshaw drivers


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An interesting post by Amol Agrawal on the wastage of fuel by auto/taxi drivers.

Though not related, I will use this opportunity to outline what I dislike about auto rickshaw drivers.

  1. They refuse to ply to your destination – where you , as the customer, wish to go. It takes 10 naes (read nays), on average, to get 1 rickshaw driver to say yes, probably because he sees how tired you are of mouthing abuses at all the rickshaw drivers that have refused to heed you. Or probably he feels that he’ll get the worst of the abuses as you get visibly  increasingly heated. Or maybe he has a bleeding heart , or maybe he has a doctored meter, that he feels you won’t notice since you seem accordingly grateful not to be refused. Or in a rare instance, he is that conscientious driver, who acknowledges his duty to the consuming public. Of course, if you are a good-looking young woman, then you will rarely encounter this problem. And no, I am not being sexist when I make this remark. It is made from acute observation!
  2. See point 1.

PS: Some newer rickshaws are fitted with electric meters. But , in my limited experience (1 trip in a rickshaw fitted with an electric meter), the meters are accurate to the customer’s detriment. But then who said progress (read change) is inexpensive?

Quote of the day:
Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. – Napoleon Bonaparte

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