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Ten do’s & don’ts of spreadsheet modeling:

  1. DO clearly separate out the inputs, assumptions,calculations & results.
  2. DON’T use constants in formulae – put all constants in the assumptions (or inputs) section and make indirect references.
  3. DO label cells,rows & columns fully.
  4. DON’T write long or wide spreadsheets.
  5. DO include range checking for input variables.
  6. DON’T write spreadsheet models that depend on a circular calculation.
  7. DO protect every sheet in the workbook.
  8. DON’T write long or complicate formulae for calculations.
  9. DO build in charts to your spreadsheets.
  10. DON’T include substantive calculations in the results section.


Excerpted from Marketing Payback: Is Your Marketing Profitable? by Robert Shaw & David Merrick

(Chapter 17)

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Marketing Payback: Is Your Marketing Profitable ("Financial Times")
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