Who died for Maharashtra and who dies in Maharashtra?

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The Marathi middle class has responded with schizophrenic duality — reaping the benefits of globalization while being unable to adjust to the retreat of its language in the face of the growing influence/assault of English (thanks to globalization) and Hindi (thanks to waves of immigrants). The old working class neighborhoods in central Mumbai have been torn down and replaced with high rises and malls. The alienation here is palpable as jobless youth are ready to vent their anger on immigrants.It is this confused middle class and alienated working class that has been won over by Raj Thackeray’s mesmerizing oratory and nativist political programme.

Who died for Maharashtra and who dies in Maharashtra? : Have You Heard

I would be devil’s advocate again but unfortunately it is the members of these very same parties who go around collecting hafta from all the small shopkeepers,kirana shops, fishmongers and vegetable vendors! What kind of a dream can they provide the Marathi Manoos? The term to be used is exploitation!

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