Hindi – not the national language

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Hindi is not the national language of India; its just the first official language according to the constitution! Or first among equals!

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In my opinion, and I have come to believe that it is unnatural to expect folks for whom Hindi is not the mother tongue to be fluent at Hindi and for fluent Hindi speakers to put down non-Hindi speakers or speakers who cannot speak the language so well is just rude and ill-mannered and crude!

Also, however much language chauvinists may deride English , it is the international language of business. Hindi may be the first official language of India but it is still to be universally accepted as the language in which business transactions are conducted. Also, what is the standard of spoken Hindi across the country? The standards are utterly abysmal! Is Bambaiya Hindi the epitome of Hindi, as a language? Or perhaps tapori Hindi fits the bill? Wouldn’t you and I like to hear and speak a language that does not jar our ears and our sensibilities? If Hindi is truly the national language, its use and spread should be far beyond our borders, to make a real impact! (For any language for that matter!)

Also, it is the very same ‘lingual chauvinists’ (read politicians) who then send their kids and grand-kids to English medium schools! For heaven’s sake, draw the line at hypocrisy!

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