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Communication happens in 2 formates: Written and Verbal. Written can include things like email, memos, letters in mailboxes, etc. Verbal can be done one-on-one, groups, in meetings, etc. Written communication is preferred because it does not leave anything to forget. There also needs to be an agreed upon hub of communication such as email, project management database, weekly scheduled meetings, etc. As long as there is an agreed systems being USED CORRECTLY there will be significantly less issues. When something as simple as an agreed system of communications is not the standard, then all employees will be trying to communicate on different levels.There also needs to be a flow of communication based on an organization board that allows for communication to flow up and down the chain of command smoothly and in a manner that all members of the organization are knowledgeable of. The method of communication must be consistent and done in a process that all staff members are aware of. The issue was that no one knew where to go for answers or information. That causes big problems that will lead to angry employees, confused customers and negative energy.

Results Come From….. « BUSINESS AT YOUR BEST

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