IPL Musings – II

Shane Warne.

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Now that IPL 3 is finished & done and Chennai Super Kings rule supreme with their name engraved on the (hideous) trophy, a few more thoughts on the IPL and the final:

1> No team has won the title more than once but then we are only in the 3rd edition of the IPL. The final between CSK and Mumbai Indians ensured that there would be a fresh champion once more.

2> The 3rd and 4th place match was a replay of last year’s final with Royal Challengers Bangalore having some semblance of  sweet revenge for last year’s loss to the Chargers, though Kumble might not agree! Bangalore now go onto the T20 Champions Trophy! Just to remind you that none of the IPL teams featured in the semi-finals of last year’s T20 Champions tournament.

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3> The Deccan Chargers cheerleaders were still sublime but they had much tougher competition this year from all the South African recruits.

4> However great a champion and big-match player, if you are unfit , you should not play and I mean you , Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. You kept your team on tenterhooks as to whether you would play and that sent the wrong message to the team. It made no difference to the opposition. If it had been an inconsequential match, would you have played? Rules are to be applied to all and sundry, no exceptions! Was this really an exceptional situation? And all this talk about you being 75% fit! That’s just bullshit! And you know it! You’re either fit or not! Cricket is , or is supposed to be, a team game! Did it make a difference to the result in the semi-final when you were off the field for the most part of 15 overs?

5> Also, what business had Brett Lee playing the IPL especially when he was obviously not match-fit? Would Australia have let him play without proving his fitness? The IPL seemed to be a vacation for the likes of Lee. Where was the much touted Aussie professionalism?

6> The news channels ,with their 24 hour coverage of the fracas between Lalit Modi and the BCCI, had their TRPs go through the roof! Just goes to prove that after sex, it is big money that pulls the viewers in!

7> Twitter may have been popular among netizens but post IPL 3  even the aam aadmi knows what the micro-blogging site is about! All you real birds , we are very sorry! We only like Twittering birds especially if they tweet like Modi & Tharoor!

8> Shane Warne says that this is probably his last IPL! Good luck to him! I think it’s high time Gilly and Haydo pulled their stakes out too! There’s just so many old Aussies we can watch!smile_regular But seriously! We really don’t need weekend cricketers for the IPL , do we? Mongoose bat or not!

9> Symonds was the only Aussie oldie who held his end up! But then, Symmo has a couple of years of serious cricket left in him! Seriously, I am a huge fan! And I definitely feel that Harbhajan was wrong to call him a monkey, especially after being warned off earlier! He was not playing gully cricket, was he?

That’s about all on IPL 3!

Have a great day!

PS: I would have loved to write about the (soon-to-be-extinct?) IPL parties but I wasn’t invited to any! Ha! Ha!

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