Tweeting – Modi style!

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Some of Lalit Modi’s latest tweets …

Did you know ipl has made it to the no 1 spot in sports genre on youtube in the world. Overtaken nfl and cbs sports too. Thanks to the fans

—-> The fans are IPL’s saving grace!

Thank you fans for applauding each of the 1708 fours & 585 sixes hit in #IPL 2010. You make ipl wat it is

—-> Wow, I thought you would be too beleaguered to keep count! Congratulations!

600+ runs for Sachin Tendulkar… most by any batsman in a single IPL edition. You make us proud ….. you made this edition of the #IPL

—> Yes, no thanks to you and the governing council!

@yuvsingh09 you can never have a clone. You are who u are and will always be to us.

—-> And neither can you have a clone, Mr. Modi,neither can you!

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