Advice to a struggling writer « Suze Underground: The Manic Depressive Writer

writing is not like riding a bicycle. It’s not a skill we can leave off doing and simply pick back up again, falling right into stride. It’s an art that needs a lot of nurturing and takes practice, and though I honestly believe that sometimes we do deserve a break from it, there are other times when it’s more helpful to keep writing through even the more difficult times.And it’s okay if we crank out some awful writing, or some mediocre work. Nobody’s saying that everything we write has to shine. It’s not going to, and it’s unrealistic of us to be that tough on ourselves. Writing is like any other finely tuned skill. We have to spend years practicing, learning, absorbing, and honing. If we expect perfection every time, we’re going to end up disappointed, because, frankly, failure is part of the process. And I hesitate to even use the word failure, because the end result—if we keep at it and believe in our creative mind—is success. By success, I mean the satisfaction of pursuing what we love doing, and realizing we’re getting better and better at it.We all struggle sometimes. But allowing ourselves to write good stuff and bad stuff, and continuing to write is all a normal part of being a writer. I’ve discovered that comparing our productivity or our writing or our publication credits to other writers is a waste of time, and only ends up stressing us out.

Advice to a struggling writer « Suze Underground: The Manic Depressive Writer

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