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So the shit hits the fan!

Just like in the Sardar joke!

And the fan is an ‘IPL produced’ fan!

And the fan keeps whirling,

and the shit keeps swirling!

And some of the shit sticks!

And how it sticks!

And Tharoor is back in the pavilion,

with a duck, and the duck happily waddles,

the duck named Sunanda,

and this duck has been pecking,

the feeding Tharoor hand!

You gotta admit that Shashi has an eye,

And Sunanda is sweet candy!

But the sugar wasn’t sugar, it was sugar-free,

Not even unprocessed jaggery!

And we all know sugar-free is an illusion,

Its just that – sugar-free! Sweet bittern!

Just bitter, never better!

But Modi has no time to cheer,

though he could give the cheerleading swingers,

a run for their money,

with the moves he has!

What an acrobat!

But the shite is still swirling!

And Modi’s doing the tap-dance!

And he knows he’s got the big man to contend with,

A gentleman named Power ! Ooops Pawar!

And though Shashi may yet be a hero,

Who knows what’ll happen of Modi?

So we’ll switch on our TVs,

and watch the IPL,

both the gladiators  and the soap opera!

But this soap

hardly has anyone come clean ,

Fast and quick, that is!

And we’re left wringing our sudsy remotes!

And only the TRPs will let us know what was more entertaining,

the cricket or the soap!

And so on and on it goes,

The 45 days old cricket circus will end,

and so will the parties and  high-jinks!

But will the political circus see the end

of days?

God save the IPL!smile_speedy



Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.

E. B. White


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