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In my second post about blogging, per se, I would like to touch upon something that every blogger wishes that his reader would do – Share! And by this I mean share the post he/she found interesting with his/her social circle.

But for that to happen, the blogger should make it easy for the reader to do so! And when I mean easy, it should not take more than 2-3 clicks of the mouse to do that!

One of the features you would like is the ability to share your post on social bookmarking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Now, for sites such as Blogger and self-hosted sites, this is quite simple. For sites, which is meant for technically minded individuals and recommended for commercial blogs, the availability of installable plug-ins is the only way to go!

But in the case of sites such as this, which are shared across the platform, the only way to go is to use a good blog composer such as Live Writer with its plethora of plug-ins that can make your job easy.

For Windows Live Writer, the 2 ways I would recommend to embed social bookmarking tags in your post are either using the free Get Social client application and pasting the generated tags into your post’s source or using the Windows Live Writer plug-in provided by Rahul Soni at The Rahul Soni provided plug-in is a work in progress and I personally prefer using the GetSocial application generated tags  (with some tweaks of my own) simply for its completeness.

How about making your web-site accessible to readers in different languages?

Creating a link to one of the online translators such as BabelFish, Google Translate or Microsoft Translator is an easy way out.

Finally, we come to Twitter again.

Since the Twitter mania seems to feed on itself, we cannot avoid it and neither can, it seems. users have access to the shortcode tweetmeme that embeds a widget that allows your reader to retweet your post to Twitter.

That’s about it for now w.r.t blogging!

Have a great day!


Getting It Out There – I

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