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The weakest link in any Supply Chain is the returns and repairs that any firm handles! This was brought home to me even more emphatically when the washing machine, recently bought from the local appliance store (IMP Electronics), manufactured by Videocon, malfunctioned.

  One of the plastic parts of the semi-automatic washing machine (Videocon EcoWash) broke off. The knob that controls the water inlet to the washing tub and the spinner/dryer snapped off. Since when has plastic become more brittle than glass?

Anyway, multiple calls to the servicing centre at Videocon have not solved the problem. The plastic component is an integrated panel and replacing it seems almost impossible since there are no parts in the same color available or that is what the service technicians claim!

Rest assured that we will not be buying any Videocon products in the near future! Another by-product of this fiasco is the colossal amount of water that is wasted in the washing tub section of the machine since there is no way to switch the water inlet mode to the spinner leading to the rinse cycle being done in the washing tub!

Thank you, Videocon!

Have a great day!

PostScript: The panel was replaced today, the 5th of April, 2010, a good 3 months after the first complaint made to Videocon by a helpful technician, Anand!


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