Mumbai Cyclothon – 21st Feb, 2010 – Well Done!

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I participated in the Amateur Community Ride on my new Fomosa Power Sport mountain bike! The Amateur & Corporate riders started their race at 8:30 a.m from Rangsharda grounds at Bandra Reclamation. We started a bit late, around 8:35 a.m. I completed the race at 9:30 a.m. 24kms in 55 minutes! More time than I anticipated! I didn’t go all out to outrace participants. I was happier being safe rather than sorry! I also decided to conserve energy for the Sea Link stretch! And did I need it! The Sea Link leg was fantastic. It was quite warm and the uphill climb at the start of the Sea Link was really hard on the thighs. Gatorade to the aid! I guess road cycling really is not the same as stationary biking smile_shades.Good fun!

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