India Vs SA – First Test – Results & Selections

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Two posts on the India Vs SA series.

First, a point to be made. Even the most fanatical Indian cricket team fan would admit that after losing 3 top draw players in Dravid, Yuvraj Singh and Laxman and then having Rohit Sharma injured at the last minute, it was going to take all the effort the team could muster to make a draw of the game, let alone  win it. In the end, SA ended up winning comfortably. Also, Dale Steyn proved that quality fast bowling can only be negated by quality batting, not dead pitches!

A +ve for India was Badrinath proving that he is competent enough to be a part of the Indian test team.

Tendulkar and Sehwag scored hundreds , but could not get the middle order to bat around them. A question arises again: Is Tendulkar playing only for the record books? Does it seem that way because he makes batting look so easy, when he’s out there?

Dhoni & Gambhir were not able to stand up and be counted when it mattered!

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Let these posts say the rest!

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