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Ary Scheffer: The Temptation of Christ, 1854

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Some excerpts on a paper on Leadership for my MBA at CIIM. I’ll admit I decided to try an au contraire approach!

Leadership As A Course
To be taught leadership as part of an MBA curriculum seems to be one of those new-fangled management fads.Especially to be taught as a theoretical course when I believe it should warrant more of a hands-on practical workshop. Those were my conclusions at the end of this class and I believe that apart from the delegation case-study and the Carter Racing case study,the class, as a whole, did not benefit. Now , I may be wrong and this report-writing exercise will enlighten me and the rest of the class as to how leadership works for us in our personal lives and in our workplace.

Situational Leadership
Different situations call for different leadership characteristics. Different people ,Different strokes. A situational leader adjusts his/her leadership style as the situation evolves, also to the kind of persons being dealt with and is able to get them to agree to the kind of leadership to be provided.
The 4 kinds of situational leadership styles are:
1> Directing – to be provided to an enthusiastic beginner with low expertise
2> Coaching – to be provided to a learner who’s low on enthusiasm and skill
3> Supportive – to be provided to a person who’s knowledge and enthusiasm has improved
4> Delegation – to be provided to a person who’s self-reliant and has oodles of enthusiasm

Beyond Work Context
Learning new skills, hobbies is an aspect of my life that I wish to explore to unleash the creativity within myself. Learning a new language , trying out adventure sports and traveling are other ways for me to grow personally.

The Leader as Follower
Is a leader also a follower? If yes, then whom does he/she follow? Does he look at leaders in the past and their leadership styles? Perhaps, he has modeled himself on a leader and has followed his characteristics? Or does he pick specific traits of inspiring leaders and use them as guides for his decisions? Or does he go by his experience, his morals, his religious beliefs? Who is his beacon? God? It’s been said that all you need to learn about human behavior is in the Bible. After all, Jesus Christ is the greatest leader of all time. So, a prayer for all time, “Teach our leaders to be humble.”


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