Citibank Complaint

Dear Sir/Madam:
This is with respect to the phone conversation I had with your CSR Reshma about the interest charge and late payment charge made on my card xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Though it was resolved to my satisfaction i.e. both the interest payment and late fee was waived , and why shouldn’t that be, since the earlier payment was lost in your system, (for no fault of my own), what I would like to draw your attention is the rudeness of your customer service representatives while dealing with this customer. While your CSR was dealing with me, she was continually interrupted by another of your employees, a gentleman(?), making inane remarks and weird

sounds, interjecting them at pronounced intervals.To my surprise , your CSR was not willing to interrupt the said person and say that she was dealing with a customer and kindly do not disturb. I would request you that you coach your CSRs in politeness and how to deal with abrasive employees who seem to treat the workplace as their personal fiefdom.


Decided to post this since getting redress from CSRs here, has become an exercise in tolerance and akin to Chinese torture.


Have received some redress from Citibank;They claim that my check was placed aside because the card no. written on the check was not decipherable. The interest & late charges were later reversed but not completely as next month’s bill showed some minor interest charges. But I was so FED UP that I did not pursue the matter further!

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