Phir Mile Sur

I haven’t seen the new Phir Mile Sur video in full as yet, just caught a small piece of the action, rather the ending last night. So I really have no comments to make.

I did locate a blog post that describes the video and the blogger’s reaction to it.

So, here goes nothing!

I did catch the Phir Mile Sur video!

Yes, its very , very  lengthy; watching it while I was stationary cycling was excruciating!

Yes, it has mostly film stars, very few sportspersons and absolutely no ordinary folk, like you and me! Guess we’re not worth the screen time!

Yes, it does not move you! You want to be moved? Watch the final 2 minutes only!

PS: What is the best way to update posts? Add a comment or repost it as a new one?

For now, I’ll stick to reposting! How bad is commenting oneself? Your views?

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