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Revisiting this post…

The British Council library is going online. From the 3rd week(?) of January 2010, the British Council, besides moving from Nariman Point to Lower Parel, is making access to it’s  library available via the internet. No more browsing physically or sitting at one of the tables and reading the many magazines; you just log on to

and make your selection of books, CDs and DVDs. They will be delivered to your doorstep; no renewals required and pick-up will be done at your doorstep as well.

This is quite similar to the service offered by The British Council have a wider variety though.

Though the change increases convenience and ease of use, and definitely reduces travel, I will definitely miss making the trip to town at least once a month, which allowed me to cram in a movie or two as well.

Things may not be so bad though; There’s still the American Library at New Marine Lines. The library details can be found at

And the membership fees are a nominal Rs. 400 per year per individual.Rs. 700 for 2 years. Just 4 books per individual subscriber. Corporate a/cs have more privileges.

See you there! Maybe! I didn’t say hear you there, did I?

PS: I am now a member of the American Center Library as well!

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