Absolute Honesty

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I am now a member of the American Library at Churchgate/New Marine Lines.

One of the books I picked out was one on ethics titled ‘Absolute Honesty’ written by Larry Johnson and Bob Philips.

The book makes for very interesting reading and I would definitely recommend it as a reference for a course on Ethics.

Now there are sometimes in one’s life , maybe at work, maybe at home , where you may be left feeling powerless, as it seems that forces are beyond your control.

The writers suggest that you try something they call the PAL approach to resolve this problem/dilemma.

Simply put, we have 3 options on how to confront the situation:

P – Positive Change – Do something to change what we don’t like. Make a difference. Just do something!

A- Accept the situation and make the most of it or what little you can with it. Very few issues are worth fighting to the death over!

L– Leave! Get Out! This is sometimes the best option for both your physical and psychological health.