The Woody Woody feeling!

Tiger’s got that woody feeling all over again!

He thought  it was the feel of the woods in his hands!

But no, its not that woody feel!

Its the wooden replies he gives out on his site!

Oh, what a dilemma!

To play or not to play!

In more ways , than one!

Elin’s not biting the bait!

Tiger’s out for privacy on Privacy,

But the censure has just not stopped!

Accenture has added censure !

After Gilette pulled the plug saying.

“Tiger, you may be a tiger,

In more ways than one,

But we don’t think you’re sharp enough,

And that just won’t do!”

Tiger now feels completely wrong ,

about the woody feeling too!

Its more of a woolly , woolly feeling!

And he thought he was smooth with the wool!

Tiger, you’re just not cool!

Take a holiday! Take a break!

Let the heat cool off!

And we’ll see you sizzle again!

With the woods! Out of the woods! On the greens!


Have a good one! Have a good day!