Cartoons & Captions

Heaven Funny Caption Picture


How many of us love to read cartoons, either in cartoon strips or the political ones like R K Laxman and Art Buchwald?


Cartoons draw out a home-spun wisdom that can make us smile at our everyday idiosyncrasies and especially at our politicians who make a whole lot of promises but can never fulfil them.


But besides the art that goes into the cartoons, its the captions that tell the story and make the point.


How difficult or easy do you think it is to write those wry captions, those pointed remarks?


Not easy at all!


But sometimes we all get a chance to try our hand at being witty.


The DNA newspaper , here in India, has a cartoon caption contest every Sunday and the best 3 caption writers are awarded prizes.


Similarly , the NYTimes runs a caption contest, called Laugh Lines that allows readers of the paper to try their hands & minds at being funny and win the reader’s hearts!


The link to the latest caption contest online is


See if you can find mine and tell me if it tickled your funny bone!