I sought a line,

I sought a tine,

I sought not pine,

I sought not pain

They sought me! They found me!

I sought a tie,

I sought some pie,

I sought not cry,

I sought not pry,

They sought me! They found me!

Not an iota of right,

Not an iota of doubt,

Not an iota of joy.

No right, No doubt, No joy.

Just as a treadmill,

Not even the frenzy will get you there.

Not an iota of thought.

And the slow joy of a slow life

Is a Big Lie!

And the pace you set is what draws them out.

You shove the doubts

For it fakes the shame

It feeds the flames.

And the fame is cold

It feeds not you,

It feeds on you.

And you move not mountains,

The mountains don’t read

Not even a slow shuffle,

Not even a shimmer of movement.

The One shudders!

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