To Be The Grammarian

So, you are the grammarian of the day!

What you need to do is to get in touch with the chosen
ToastMaster of the day and find out what the theme/topic of the day
is going to be! Your word for the day should be in sync with the
theme of the day!

If you are lucky or smart, you could find your word for the day
in the theme itself! But that is plumb lazy!

At the meet, you should have the WOD displayed prominently
somewhere for everyone to see! The pronunciation and usage of the
word and preferably its etymology should be provided to the members.

During the meet, you will note down both excellent and bad usage
of grammar in spoken English by the participants.

At the end of the meet, you will present your report to the
members, taking care not to embarrass members by just stating their
bloopers and not who committed them! Your report includes commendation for usage of the word of the day and specify the users.

If you are familiar with figures of speech and their usage,
these should be part of your presentation.

Contact your club officers for templates, if available, for this
role and any other role!

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