Table Topics – Part 2

Table Topics are sometimes synchronized with the Theme/Topic of the Day.

The following is the text of a table topics session where the Theme of the Day was Nostalgia. I did not have too much time to fine tune these Table Topics. And most of them are quite long-winded. It is recommended that the topics be kept short and pithy!

Nostalgia is an ice cream. Your either have it before it melts or freeze it away for another day. Table topics are like ice cream . You have just 1 – 2: 30 minutes to make a point. Anything less than a minute and the audience feels short-changed. More than 2:30 minutes and they will feel overly full! Today’s table topics are designed to evoke nostalgia that is to remind you of the good old days when things were so much simpler. We sometimes forget that it was we who were so much simpler and the choices we made were simpler too. We were younger and less burdened. Maybe this is a call to restore simplicity in our lives. Life is not complicated; we are.

I would like to now call upon our first table topic participant:

Our first table topic participant is ________________

and his topic is ______________________________________________

Yahoo! Chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe! Don’t you love those 70’s Hindi movies? Or why not?

Does nostalgia still have you asking for a Thums Up? Not a coke or pepsi, but Thums Up?

Who in heaven is Rajesh Khanna?

From Johnnie Walker to Johnny Lever, whither our Hindi film comedians?

Nostalgic about comics , who was your favorite comic book character?

Nostalgic about villains turned heroes, Much before shah rukh, there was Vinod Khanna and Shatrughan Sinha. Whom do you prefer and why?

In this age of tetra pak milk, where is the milkman? And whatever happened to your milk-card?

From walkmans to ipods, are you still a moving jukebox?

Doordarshan and All India Radio. Does that give you a warm feeling or goose pimples?

Test cricket to one day to T20, who was your favorite childhood or old time cricketer and why?

From fancy to flight, do India’s open skies evoke nostalgia for when it was just the Maharajah and Indian Airlines and air travel was a luxury?

In these days of shopping malls and choice and more choice, do you feel that less is more and yearn for the days of yore?

The more things change, the more they remain the same. So what hasn’t changed for you?