Quick Tips for ToastMaster(s) of the Day



Toastmaster Cafe

Toastmaster Cafe (Photo credit: welcometoalville)


Tips for ToastMaster(s) of the Day





  • Choose
    a topic/thought of the day that will impart a takeaway value or
    which you believe will enhance participation.

  • Notify the table topics
    master and grammarian your chosen topic of the day so that they can
    synchronize their choices with the topic/thought of the day.

  • Ensure that you have an
    introduction , speech titles from each of the prepared speakers. If
    possible, get these from the back-up speakers as well. Email and/or
    call them.

  • Find out if the
    office-bearers have any announcements or have invited any special
    guests. You will need to incorporate this in your flow.

  • Be ready to take over
    the sergeant of the arms duties; i.e. you should be aware of the
    golden rule of the club “No topics that touch on sex, religion
    or politics”; know where the restrooms/washrooms are.

  • Begin by welcoming the
    members and guests and announcing the topic/theme/thought of the

  • Have
    each member introduce himself/herself; Have the grammarian describe
    his role and the word of the day to promote usage by every attendee
    prior to the round of introductions.

  • Since every session has
    guests, do make it a point to describe the structure of the meeting
    i.e. prepared speeches and table topics , then the break, and the
    evaluations and felicitations.

  • Make use of the little
    props you have, such as the medals/ribbons that are to be awarded to
    the best speakers in each category. It enhances impact and also
    gives you something to do.

  • Try and start on time.
    Ensure that you finish on time as well. Members and guests have
    other commitments too.

  • Do welcome toastmasters
    from other clubs and ask them for their feedback and experience at
    the club, preferably at the end of the session. Their welcome will
    be performed by one of the office-bearers.

  • If members have
    participated in area or speech contests, it will be a good idea to
    recognize their exploits. Kudos are due! This may be done either at
    the beginning of the session or the end.

  • Be prepared to comment
    favorably on prepared speeches and do not forget to ask for a round
    of applause for all the speakers when the prepared speeches end.

  • Finally, end by
    thanking the attendees for their wonderful participation!




This is
an attempt to lend structure to what to the untrained eye will appear
extempore and fluid! Best of luck!



for details about the role of the toastmaster of the day, refer to
your member handbook. Or look up the Toastmaster International