Java Mail Client – a few thoughts

The Java Mail client currently available at uses the M-stor API to store e-mails locally.

An API to store these e-mails to a data store, either an RDBMS or an OODBMS.

I’d however push for storing these e-mails to a XML database such as Tamino or any other such ones, with indexing on the header fields.

Now this’d be a wonderful tool especially in a customer-service environment, that’d allow the user to categorise and store these e-mails to a data-store for future reference.

This would also linkage i.e. track threads , plus having these e-mails stored in a central location would be cool.

I’m not referrring to a Microsoft Exchange sort of database, but this would be more of a plug-in to e-mail clients , maybe  fully integrated with the Java Mail client.

Does this add value? Your thoughts..

An aside for anyone who’s developing from this base.. perhaps me someday..

It might be a good idea to add SendMail as a separate executable and then run it as a process.
Breaking up components into executables would also speed up development.