7/11 – Black Tuesday

My thoughts on 7/11.. A bit late but here goes..

I don’t want to, i’d prefer leaving politics out of this blog.. but this event warrants some reaction.

The date itself evokes memories of 9/11 – how symbolic, 7+1+1 = 9.

On the personal side, none of the family members affected or hurt, though one of my uncle’s colleagues was a victim of one of the blasts..

Blog readers in India probably have watched enough coverage on television and all the gruesome images and are probably already desensitised by now. And the usual lauding of Bombay’s spirit in the face of this faceless terror.

Blog readers abroad will have probably come across this as just another headline in the newspaper without much coverage, unless CNN and BBC have covered it in detail. (I do not know since my cable operator seems to have taken a dislike to broadcasting both these channels . I logged onto nytimes.com and found the coverage abysmal, as expected.)

One image remains with me is of the interview of a middle-aged man returning home via train saying that it’s time that Bombay resigned itself to one such incident a year, and then life goes on till the next blast.

That of course is typical but then I do not blame him. It is my belief and perhaps of the terrorists that India is a soft state and terrorists demands are to be given in to. My immediate reaction to the above statement was what if this happened every week, what then? Would resignation , i consider  it synonymous with inaction, especially on the government’s part, be our only reaction?

The other image was of L K Advani appearing on television and making statements to the effect that such terrorist actions are to be deplored and that Bombay has been facing terror since 1993.  How ironic!