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Nadal , The Ferocious!

There’s nothing more dangerous than a wounded or cornered tiger and Nadal was a wounded tiger who had been licking his wounds ever since he was diagnosed with acute tendinitis in his knees in 2009. After being out for the most part of 2009 and unable to defend his 2008 Wimbledon crown, Nadal decided that it was time to ration out his appearances in the clay court season.

He was yet able to sustain the fire and ended a perfect clay court season with an emphatic victory over Robin Soderling in the French Open final. Soderling’s run to the final had been impressive but the phlegmatic Swede simply had no answers to the ferocity of Nadal’s game this time around. Admittedly, Nadal reserved his best for the final but that’s what champions are made of!

Nadal crowned himself king at Roland Garros for the 5th time, his 7th Grand Slam title and in the process regained the no. 1 spot he had lost to Federer last year. It just seems so natural to see Nadal biting into the silverware again at the French Open; it is an image that we have come to associate with Roland Garros over the past 6 years that last year’s Federer’s victory seems an anachronism! A historic anachronism, though!

Nadal ,though ,appears to be back and with a vengeance! His demolition of Soderling sends the message across very clearly!

Have a great week!

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