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IPL: Sunny Gavaskar hits the headlines, Kochi decision on Wednesday

Sunny Gavaskar hits the deadlines once more; this time it is his links with the Kochi franchise that have drawn flak from all quarters. The Indian batting legend , the first cricketer to score 10,000 runs and surpass Don Bradman’s

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IPL: The octopus spreads its tentacles to South Africa, Kochi and Lalit Modi in troubled waters

Cricket South Africa (CSA) reminded us that the tentacles of the IPL mess are not restricted to just Indian and English shores.

CSA have terminated an external investigation into the bonuses paid by Lalit Modi to CSA chief executive Gerald Majola and 40 other staff during the IPL’s second season.

The IPL was moved to South Africa in 2009 following the Indian government’s refusal to provide adequate security for the event because of the clash with the general election dates. The security apparatus of the state could not be stretched to meet both concerns.

A payment of 4.7 million rands was made to Majola and his associates.

The South African opposition has slammed the switch to an internal investigation as ‘disappointing’.

The Enforcement Directorate(ED) is known to be investigating the payment back in India as apparently there was no tax paid on the foreign exchange transfers.

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IPL Road: Kochi dilly-dallies, Modi prevaricates

It has been ominously quiet on the IPL front over the past few days.

Except for news reports that the Enforcement Directorate is studying the BCCI filed FIR against the abrasive Lalit Modi to fructify their case against his willingness (or unwillingness) to respond to their enquiries, there has been little to report in the Indian press or media.

Lalit Modi and his lawyer claim that they have yet to receive a copy of the FIR filed by the BCCI. This is , of course, a classic delaying tactic to fob off the media until they have studied the ramifications and can respond to the allegations in a coherent manner. The jurisdiction of the Chennai police has been questioned by Modi and his lawyer.

The ED has issued a Look Out notice that will have Mr. Modi detained at all Indian ports if he attempts to enter the country. The IPL ex-honcho shows no inclination to oblige the authorities preferring to remain in London with token noises about answering any queries via video conference.

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The IPL Mess: BCCI twists and turns its way out!

The twists and turns in the sordid IPL drama get hairier, by the day! BCCI’s Srinivasan has filed an FIR in Chennai against Lalit Modi accusing him of defrauding the BCCI to the tune of Rs. 470 crores. Readers might

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IPL Limerick

Let me tell you of Lalit Modi’s journey, He came up with a cricket tourney! He named it the IPL, It was full of Bollywood people, And it was and is quite loony! Related articles by Zemanta IPL’s ‘Twittergate’! (

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IPL Musings – II

Image via Wikipedia Now that IPL 3 is finished & done and Chennai Super Kings rule supreme with their name engraved on the (hideous) trophy, a few more thoughts on the IPL and the final: 1> No team has won

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Tweeting – Modi style!

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Some of Lalit Modi’s latest tweets … Did you know ipl has made it to the no 1 spot in sports genre on youtube in the world. Overtaken nfl and cbs sports too. Thanks

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