Mystery Box: Pandoramonium

You wake up one morning to find a beautifully wrapped package next to your bed. Attached to it is a note: “Open me, if you dare.” What’s inside the mystery box? Do you open it?

I received a mystery gift,

It was beautifully wrapped,

All gauzy and shiny,

Purple too.

I wondered, “Should I open it?”

It beckoned me, invited me, challenged me,

To untie the bow.

I unwrapped the packaging,

And tore open the cover.

An ephemeral breeze wafted past.

The card read, “With love, Pandora.”

—Linus Fernandes.


Who’s your hero? Tell us a story about why that person plays such an important role in your life.

To have heroes to look up to

Is all very fine.

We all need them.

But what we need to remember,

keep in mind always

That we are heroes too,

To the people around us,

To the people we love,

And the people who love us.

And that’s when we’ll recognise,

What our starring roles truly are.

—Linus Fernandes.

A Time for Heroes

A Time for Heroes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lucinda Franks: Christmas in Bethlehem

“Christmas in Bethlehem. The ancient dream: a cold, clear night made brilliant by a glorious star, the smell of incense, shepherds and wise men falling to their knees in adoration of the sweet baby, the incarnation of perfect love.” 

—Lucinda Franks.


Bethlehem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)