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Running My First Half Marathon

  STANDING IN A CROWD of almost 4,000 runners, I shook my legs, hopped in place, and bit back waves of panic. That’s what everyone says you’re supposed to do with panic–bite it. You wallow in praise, cool your temper, gird

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How Stress Can Help and Hurt Running

For 17 years, running was Neil McDonagh’s life: His high school career led to a scholarship at Georgia Tech, where he hit times like a 4:04 mile. Postcollege, he earned up to $8,000 annually in prize money from road races,

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Rod Laver: The next point

“The next point – that’s all you must think about. ” —Rod Laver Related articles Mary Laver, wife of Rod Laver, dies at 84( Top 5 left handed sportsmen( Mary Laver, wife of Rod Laver, dies at 84( Mary Laver,

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This one’s for Jeanne: In praise of a thoroughbred mother

  If Jeanne had been a racehorse she would have commanded a hefty breeding price. My mother was sired by an Australian cricket captain and she then produced two of that breed and a third son, Trevor, who also wore

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No performance anxiety, Sachin?

    Dear Sachin, What the heck are you doing, man, playing in silly Tests against New Zealand when your skills are so badly needed in the Rajya Sabha? Who watches a Test match against New Zealand these days when

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A leader cannot be an armchair strategist

Leadership, someone said, is about sizing up the situation and constructing the appropriate response. In my view, this is an apt description and nowhere is it more relevant than in the field of sport. During my long and cherished career

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Running Rewards

There are no standards and no possible victories except the joy you are living while dancing your run. You are not running for some future reward-the real reward is now! Fred Rohe, author of The Zen of Running

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  • People only echo what they believe, not what they do not. 3 weeks ago
  • If it feels unjust, it usually is. It helps to know why and, better still, explain why. 3 weeks ago
  • Giving and gifting are not the same. The giver expects; giving should be sustainable. The gifter does not. Gifting is usually excess. 3 weeks ago
  • A change of heart in one does not necessarily imply a change of heart in all. 3 weeks ago

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