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Lynda Bourne: How to Build Ethics into Your Team Culture

Ethical behavior is just as crucial as effective leadership in persuading stakeholders to cooperate and support the work of the project manager — and therefore contributes to successful project outcomes.     Ethical behavior has been a hallmark of PMI’s

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Karin Hurt: “But Your Life Looks So Perfect on Facebook”

I just got off the phone with an old friend.  She had several important concerns weighing on her heart.  We talked about them for a while, and then she shared: You know I was talking to another friend about this

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A President is to a Nation as a CEO is to a Boardroom

I was critical of Barack Obama during his presidential stint for two faults. I don’t mean this  post to be a political diatribe in any way, I’d simply like to illustrate how structural dynamics thinking can be used as a

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5 Reasons Leadership Falls Flat

You can read a dozen books on leadership and attend just as many leadership seminars, but your employees won’t follow your lead if you make any of these five common errors: 1. Trying to lead before establishing credibility. People will

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The Dark Side of Charisma

  Most people think charisma is as vital to leadership as it is to rock stars or TV presenters and, unfortunately, they are right. In the era of multimedia politics, leadership is commonly downgraded to just another form of entertainment and charisma is indispensable for keeping

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Vulnerability and Inspired Leadership

After spending the past decade studying vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness, I’ve come to believe that leadership has nothing to do with position, salary, or number of direct reports. I believe a leader is anyone who holds her- or himself accountable

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5 Things That Really Smart People Do

Don’t get in the way of your own learning. Here are five ways to step aside and continue to increase your smarts.   Most people don’t really think much about how they learn. Generally you assume learning comes naturally. You listen to

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  • People only echo what they believe, not what they do not. 3 weeks ago
  • If it feels unjust, it usually is. It helps to know why and, better still, explain why. 3 weeks ago
  • Giving and gifting are not the same. The giver expects; giving should be sustainable. The gifter does not. Gifting is usually excess. 3 weeks ago
  • A change of heart in one does not necessarily imply a change of heart in all. 3 weeks ago

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